Bra Mates bra liners bring relief to the problem and discomfort of breast sweat

BraMates Cross Section 2
BraMates Cross Section 2

BraMates bra liners are available in every size

Millions of women suffer from the problem of breast perspiration beneath their breasts.  BraMates bra liners are soft cotton pads that fit easily and snugly into the brassiere to alleviate this seldom discussed problem.

Perspiration underneath the breast is caused by the heat generated when the underside of the breast and the chest skin come in contact.  It is further aggravated by heat, humidity, physical activity, brassiere material, and the size of the breast.  Perspiration trapped here may lead to rashes, irritation, or other more sever conditions such as fungus growth (known as intertrigo).

BraMates offer a simple and inexpensive answer to this uncomfortable feminine hygiene problem. BraMates attracts and then traps the natural flow of perspiration, keeping it away from the skin.  Moisture actually wicks to and is trapped by the materials used in the Bra Mates liners.

BraMates will help prevent the unsightly and embarrassing sweat line under the breast and also help prevent moisture associated rashes and fungal growth.  In addition odors caused by sweat will be neutralized naturally without the need for a chemical based deodorant. 

 The lifespan of bras and clothing will be increased because the corrosive action of sweat is absorbed into the BraMates bra liner and will not flow through to the bra or garment.